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since 2018 Mana­ging Director of K LAB – Institut für Stadt- und Regio­nal­pla­nung (ISR) | TU Berlin.
2018 – 2019 Profes­sor­ship Urban Plan­ning – Dessau Inter­na­tional Archi­tec­ture (DIA) / Hoch­schule Anhalt.
2011 – 2017 Senior Rese­ar­cher and Lecturer (Post-Doc) at Chair of Urban Design and Urban Deve­lo­p­ment (Prof. Million) – Institut für Stadt- und Regio­nal­pla­nung (ISR) | TU Berlin.
2017 Senior Rese­ar­cher (Post-Doc) at the Leibniz Insti­tute for Rese­arch on Society and Space (IRS) – Dept. Rege­ne­ra­tion of Cities 
2016 Doctoral Disser­ta­tion: „URBAN TOMOR­ROWS 2030“ | TU Berlin.
2011 – 2016 Rese­ar­cher and Lecturer at Chair of Urban Design and Urban Deve­lo­p­ment (Prof. Million) – Institut für Stadt- und Regio­nal­pla­nung (ISR) | TU Berlin.
2011 – 2016 Doctoral Student DAAD IPID-Programm „Advanced Rese­arch in Urban Systems“ (ARUS) | Univer­sität Duisburg-Essen
2010 Master (Arch.) „21st Century Projects – From Geometry to Cons­truc­tion Sites” – Cátedra Blanca Carlos Ferrater (OAB) | UPC – ETSA Barce­lona | Master­ar­beit (Entwurf): Marina Santa Elena, Venedig
2009 Master of Science in „Archi­tec­ture: Inter­na­tional Coope­ra­tion & Urban Deve­lo­p­ment” (Mundus Urbano) | TU-Darm­stadt | Master-Thesis: „Urban Plan­ning Stra­te­gies of Valencia.”
2008 – 2011 Free­lancer at Schulze & Ass. Archi­tekten BDA | Darm­stadt / Viña del Mar (Chile).
2008 Geomar­ke­ting & GIS Consul­tant at Schober PDM Iberia | Madrid.
2007 Geomar­ke­ting & GIS Consul­tant at Infas­GEO­daten | Bonn.
2007 Diplom in Geography | GIUB Univer­sität Bonn | Diplom-Thesis: „Munsiari: Socioe­co­nomic Changes and Sett­le­ment-Deve­lo­p­ment in the Kumaon-Hima­laya (Indien).”
2006 Student Assistant at the Fraun­hofer Insti­tute for Intel­li­gent Analysis- & Infor­ma­tion-Systems (IAIS); Dept. „Spatial Decision Support” (SPADE) | St. Augustin.
2004 DFG Rese­arch-Student for the Graduate-College „Alpine Cluster II”; Group „Clima­to­logy and Ecology” at the Geogra­phic Insti­tute of Univer­sität Bonn (GIUB) | Bonn.
2002 Studies in Archi­tec­ture | RWTH Aachen.
2001 – 2007 Studies in Geography, Ethno­logy, Urban Plan­ning, Socio­logy, Econo­mics, Art History | Univer­sität Bonn.


2019–2022 Critical Mapping in Muni­ci­pa­list Move­ments (CMMM) – Robert Bosch Stif­tung  (SPIEL­RAUM)
2018-2020 Mapping for Change? Critical carto­graphy approa­ches to drive socio-envi­ron­mental urban trans­for­ma­tions. – Volks­wagen Stiftung
2018–2022 SFB 1265Re:Figuration von Räumen TU Berlin (DFG) – Asso­ciate Member
2017–2022 GenUrb – Urba­niza­tion, Gender, and the Global South: a trans­for­ma­tive know­ledge network The City Insti­tute at York Univer­sity (CITY) – Prof. Linda Peak
2016–2017 ESPON Project „The Geography of New Employ­ment Dyna­mics in Europe“ – Leibniz IRS Erkner – Abt. IV – Rege­ne­rie­rung von Städten (Prof. Feli­citas Hillmann)
2011–2016 Disser­ta­tion: „URBAN TOMOR­ROWS 2030 – Visions and Counter-Visions for Future Cities“
2011–2013 Stif­ter­ver­band Fellow­ship Inno­va­tion in Univer­sity Teaching
„Lehren und Lernen im Gegenstromverfahren“
2013 „Scholar in Resi­dence“ of the GOETHE Insti­tute / KWI Essen / A.M. Quattan: Project „re:public space“
2018- MA Visua­liza­tion
2018- MA Project-Manage­ment
2018- BA Seminar: Profes­sional Prac­tice / ISR Summer-Talks
2018- BA Auftrags­pro­jekt / Studio
2014- MA Urban Design Methods & Tools – BLOCK 2: Design & Rese­arch by Design
2011- BA Intro­duc­tion to Visua­liza­tion and Presen­ta­tion in Urban Planning
2011- BA/MA Intro­duc­tion to Geogra­phical Infor­ma­tion Systems (GIS)
2011- BA/MA – diffe­rent Projects / Studios / Summer-Schools
Compe­ti­tions & Awards
2015 AVEM­PACE Scho­lar­ship – Staff Scheme | EU-ME Exch­ange Programe
2012 Scholar in Resi­dence – Resi­dency Programe of the GOETHE-Insti­tute in coope­ra­tion with the Kultur­wis­sen­schaft­li­chen Institut Essen (KWI) und der A.M. Qattan Foundation
2011 Fellow in the DAAD spon­sored IPID-Programm „Advanced Rese­arch in Urban Systems” (ARUS)
2009 DAAD Fellow | Master-Thesis field-work
2005 DAAD Fellow | Diplom-Thesis field-work
Talks & Workshops
2019 Athens Alter­na­tive ways of seeing and visua­li­zing. GenUrb Work­shop within the Panel: September in the city. Rhythms in the making of lives and cities. ICCG 2019
2017 Hang­zhou EcoCom­mu­nity Inter­na­tional Urban Design Work­shop | Inten­sive Symbiotic Community
2017 Lisbon MIKRO­AKA­DEMIE – Broa­de­ning the teaching curri­culum and enhan­cing parti­ci­pa­tion and self-lear­ning. | Track 02: Plan­ning Educa­tion | 30th annual AESOP Congress
2017 Lisbon Urban Tomor­rows Revi­sited | Track 21: Urban futures: chal­lenges and vision | 30th annual AESOP Congress: SPACES OF DIALOG FOR PLACES OF DIGNITY: Foste­ring the Euro­pean Dimen­sion of Planning.
2015 Berlin Smart People & Urban Commu­ning Symposium</ | Member of the main orga­niza­tion team at TU-Berlin. The Sympo­sium was incor­po­rated into the Make City Festival and supported by the “Dialog­platt­form” of TU-Berlin.
2014 Lisbon FUTURE CITIES – Urban Visions and their Role in Plan­ning. | Urban Futures Squa­ring Circles 2050 – Inter­na­tional Confe­rence by the Insti­tute of Social Sciences of the Univer­sity of Lisbon and Calouste Gulben­kian Foundation
2013 Bangor URBAN VISIONS 2050 | Inter­na­tional Post­gra­duate Confe­rence “Para­dise Lost? The World of 2050 | Bangor ‘Visions’ 2013”
2013 Birzeit Urban Systems & Future Cities | Birzeit University
2013 Ramallah Re:Public Space | French-German Cultural Centre
2012 Ramallah Virtually Real / Really Virtual: A Reflec­tion on Parallel Reali­ties in Urban Spaces in Berlin and Ramallah. | GOETHE Insti­tute Series: „The City. The Image“
2011 Port­land (OR) Impacts of New Digital Tech­no­lo­gies on Urban Systems. | Inter­na­tional ARUS & PUARL Sympo­sium at the Univer­sity of Oregon
2011 Frank­furt a.M. Mode­ra­tion der Session „Tempo­ra­lity vs. Normalcy in Pales­ti­nian Cities, Urban Deve­lo­p­ment Prac­tices under Geopo­li­tical Comple­xi­ties” in the Panel „Urban Crisis” – 6. Inter­na­tional Confe­rence for Critical Geography (ICCG)
2011 Dresden Impacts of New Digital Tech­no­lo­gies on Urban Systems. | 5. Inter­na­tional Dresden Doctoral-Collo­quium „Archi­tek­tur­äs­thetik, Baukom­po­si­tion & Stadtgestaltung.“
2010 Darm­stadt Valencia’s Urban Deve­lo­p­ment between Local and Global. | EURA Confe­rence „Under­stan­ding City Dyna­mics” | Track 3 „City Choices and Stra­tegic Planning.“