Mapping For Change?
Critical cartography approaches to drive socio-environmental urban transformations
Oct 2018 – Dec 2021

Maps are not neutral. They reflect and perpetuate power relations and have always been political instruments influencing our understandings of the world. In contemporary endeavours and struggles towards a more just and environmentally conscious urban, maps are being used in various ways and by a wide variety of actors to contest and re-shape the status-quo. From slum dwellers putting their neighborhood on the map to claim their right to the city to scientific mapping of food or energy production potentials of urban roofs and antispaces; to the counter-mappings by cultural activists to contest the unequal distribution of resources. These and other examples showcase that mapping is no longer merely a tool to reflect and capture place-making practices but has become itself a means to produce spaces and social relations. Through transdisciplinary dialogue this project seeks to identify current uses and users of critical cartography engendering socio-environmental change. It explores modalities for navigating contemporary complexities and new methodologies for cumulating and layering different mapping strategies, typologies, and tactics for tackling urban polycrises.

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