Critical Mapping in Muni­ci­pa­list Move­ments
Prac­­tice-oriented rese­arch project with three compa­ra­tive case studies in Berlin, Barce­lona, and Belgrade
April 2019 – Sept 2022

This prac­tice-oriented rese­arch project seeks to support civil-society move­ments in their struggle for profound trans­for­ma­tion towards more just socie­ties and cities. It believes that real change requires reshuf­fling exis­ting power rela­tions and sees Critical Mapping as an ‘act of power’. The ongoing demo­cra­ti­sa­tion of mapping through new tech­no­lo­gies is decon­struc­ting it as an elitist instru­ment for the ‘few’ and making it avail­able to the ‘many’ as a possible tool for (self-)empowerment. With this in mind, the project will analyze and test the trans­for­ma­tive poten­tial of CM in rela­tion to the growing pheno­menon of socio-poli­tical mobi­li­sa­tion in urban areas and what in Europe is coming to be known as the New Muni­ci­pa­list Move­ment; whereby it will inter­ro­gate the eman­ci­patory claims, methods, and impacts. Through work­shops and on-field rese­arch in three compa­ra­tive case studies in Berlin, Barce­lona, and Belgrade, the project will build trans­di­sci­pli­nary and trans­na­tional spaces for alli­ances among decen­tra­lized and frag­mented mapping activi­ties with the mission to find connec­tions and loop­holes. More speci­fi­cally, it inves­ti­gates how maps contest and re-shape urban resource flows and the unjust distri­bu­tion of services, access and oppor­tu­nities, and it tests the ability of maps to give rise to coali­tion stra­te­gies for urban mobi­li­sers across geogra­phies.

Project Team

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Brück
Dr. phil. Natasha Aruri
Dr.-Ing. Katleen De Flander
Julia Förster

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