Urba­ni­sa­tion & Mobility
Dozentin: Dr. Agnes Müller
SoSe 2021

M8.2 | Vertiefung Schwerpunkt IV
M14.1 | Kernmodul Urbane Mobilität

Dozentin: Dr. Agnes Müller

LV-Nr.: 06369701 L23
Umfang: 3 ECTS (M6.2/ M8.2/ Freie Wahl)
Typ: Seminar
Sprache: EN

14:00 – 16:00h
Raum: Online

via ISIS (Reclaim the Streets)

In this seminar, we want to look at streets in cities worldwide, how they are perceived and used as „urban commons", reflect on appropriation strategies in relation to mobility and public (street) space, and "appropriate" streets ourselves in various steps. We will discuss theoretical texts, produce podcasts about international reference projects and do field research.

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