Urban Mobi­lity
Urban Streets as Urban Commons
Dozentin: Fabian Deter
SoSe 2023

M6.2 | Seminar

Umfang: 2 SWS / 3 ECTS
Typ: Projektseminar
Sprache: DE / EN

Start: 17.04.2022
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Raum: EB 223


When car-use becomes restricted on streets, is that called opening or closing a street? The conflict around this question currently splits Berlin. As the automotive city planning paradigm of much of the twentieth century rolls out bumpily, many are ready to replace it with a paradigm that puts people instead of cars first. The claim is that the urban street of the future is not merely a transit space, but rather part of the urban commons, a space that is there for everyone to use. Climate mitigation, space justice, and mobility justice all play a role here as well.

In this seminar, we will look at urban (street) space as urban commons, discuss the change of meaning that street space has undergone in the past and still undergoes and get a first-hand experience of the conflict described above by visiting reclaimed spaces and conducting interviews. We will also deal with specific examples of street reclamations worldwide.

Participants are expected to do a case study report, a short presentation, participate in the readings and the discussions and contribute to the field research. The seminar is in presence and includes field trips within Berlin (which do not count for an Exkursionsbescheinigung, unfortunately).

The seminar is scheduled on Mondays from 14-16. The sessions on 22/5 and 19/6 will likely be from 14-18, the sessions on 26/6 and 3/7 will not take place. The main language will be English, however, some contributions will be in German. The first session is on 17/4.

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