Reclaim The Streets
cooperation with VCD - Mobilität für Menschen & Changing Cities e.V.
Dozentin: Dr. Agnes Müller
SoSe 2022

M6.2 | Seminar

Umfang: 2 SWS / 3 ECTS
Typ: Projektseminar
Sprache: DE / EN

Start: 20.04.2022
Infrequent dates (see ISIS)

Raum: EB 224

Registration: first interest on ISIS (Reclaim the streets), final inscription on 20.04.2022, EB224

This announces the second edition of the seminar „Reclaim The Streets“ in the upcoming summer semester 2022. In this seminar, we want to look at selected streets in Berlin, how they are perceived and used as „urban commons“, reflect on appropriation strategies in relation to mobility and public (street) space, and „appropriate“ one exemplary street ourselves. We will discuss theoretical texts, do field research on existing projects; plan and conduct an own intervention in cooperation with the organizations VCD - Mobilität für Menschen and Changing Cities e.V.

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