Urban Mobi­lity and Inclu­sion: Reichen­berger Street – One for Everyone!
Urban Mobi­lity and Inclu­sion: Reichen­berger Street – One for Everyone!
Dozentin: Dr.-Ing. Agnes Müller
WiSe 2023/24

M5.2 / M6.2

Dozentin: Dr.-Ing. Agnes Müller

Umfang: 4 SWS / 6 ECTS
Typ: Seminar
Sprache: EN

Start: 23.10.2023
Mondays 14–16 h
Raum: EB 222

This seminar explores the critical intersections of mobility and social equity, addressing the challenges faced by diverse urban communities. Through a combination of theoretical insights and practical applications, students will delve into the concepts of active and inclusive mobility and its impact on urban spaces.

Student will analyze international case studies related to the concept of inclusive urban mobility and conduct an in-depth investigation of the Reichenberger Street in Berlin. Field research, using various qualitative and quantitative methods will lead to the development of a design concept for the street space, a proposal for financing and the creation of a participatory timeline.

The course emphasizes the importance of social inclusion and active mobility in urban planning, encouraging students to examine the disparities faced by marginalized groups and develop strategies to prioritize public space and an inclusive mobility to ensure social equity for all residents.

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