„Dear Mobile-Diary“ Desig­ning Your Walkers Journal

9. + 23. June 2023

Kurs­lei­tung: Consuelo Araneda

La Recon­quista Peatonal (pede­strian recon­quest) is a project that seeks to high­light walking as an essen­tial way of moving around and inha­bi­ting the city. When walking, people move at a speed and scale mediated by the body, which implies a parti­cular rela­ti­onship with space, time and others. The project seeks to re-value the expe­ri­ence of walking and invites all kinds of people to record their routes in a diary-note­book that addresses physical, percep­tual, func­tional and social aspects with the aim of making this act conscious and making visible the urban envi­ron­ment that surrounds us.

The diaries as recor­ding a tool
A mobile-diary is a paper tool that contains a specific invi­ta­tion to register your own expe­ri­ence within a certain context. As NGO, we’ve worked with diaries since 2017 asking people to tell their expe­ri­ences while walking. So far we have develop over 15 diffe­rent diaries with more than 1.000 participants.

The work­shop
The invi­ta­tion is to explore into the mani­fold world of diaries as a sensi­tive and intui­tive recor­ding tool. Parti­ci­pants will physi­cally design their own journal to share with a colle­ague to register they expe­ri­ence. We will reflect on the findings and the bene­fits of incor­po­ra­ting this tool into terri­tory studies.


first session
– intro­duc­tion to the diary as an ethno­gra­phic rese­arch tool
– why do we chose to work with this format?
– what we have learned so far?
– examples of diffe­rent diaries
– design your own diary (you will exch­ange diaries among each other) home­work
– go for a walk
– fill out the diary you’ve received

second session
– retorn the mobile-diary
– time to read and analize
– common round to share expe­ri­ences
– develop your own reflec­tions for future diaries


– You will receive details and further infor­ma­tion to the program such as a time­table a few days in advance of the set date –

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