Stadt­neu­grün­dung Rhei­ni­sches Revier!
Dozentinnen: Juliane Heinrich, Grit Bürgow, Prof. Angela Million
FG Städtebau (Prof. Million)

How does a new city need to look like to find answers to present and future questions? Together with the Zukunfts-agentur Rheinisches Revier the Institute for Urban Design of RWTH Aachen has organized this year’s competition for the Johannes-Göderitz-Stiftung raising this question. Student groups from six universities from all over Germany took part.The planning area is located in NRW in the rhenish area. This region has a long tradition of lignite mining and now faces a comprehensive transformation process. The target of the competition is to plan a new city on the former mining area Garzweiler connecting it to the polycentric city which is system typical for NRW. The new city should be suitable for 50.000 inhabitants and provide answers to the most import-ant urban questions of our time. There is a possibility that the Olympic Games 2032 are being held in the region. Hence, one special part of the competition task is the implementation of the Olympic village for 18.000 people as a centre point for the early development of the fu-ture city. The project started with the analysis of different planned cities. We continued with analysing the site while getting multiple inputs from experts. In January we had our midterm presentation with first concepts and designs which we then improved for the final presentation where the final feedback was given. The competition is still ongoing and the final designs are yet to be submitted, which is why they un-fortunately can not be displayed at the “Projektbasar”.